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VANI ART is an Eco-Friendly company!

Why Eco-Friendly Packaging is Important?

Saving the planet is everyone’s responsibility. Climate change is a reality, and disposable packaging is becoming ever more present in our society. Everything comes in packaging. What we need to do is make sure our packaging is eco-friendly. 

The importance of an eco friendly packaging and its features.
The more a packaging is lightweight, durable and produced with minimal paper usage and environmental resources, the more it can be called ecofriendly packaging and it is close to the optimum sought.

An optimized packaging, which reduces the waste and manufacturing material, brings to enormous benefits to the environment. That’s because disposal and recycling are simplified, the use of environmental resources is optimized and and the production waste is minimized. The logistic itself, thanks to the reduced volume of the packaging, it is also simplified.

All this results in a lower emission of CO2 and consequently it leads to greater benefits for the environment.

We are using Eco packaging materials!

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